The Band


Lead vocals, plays guitar and occasional keyboards too. Has toured the world singing in ‘The Sweet’, ‘Arena’, Oliver Wakeman Band’ & ‘Raw Glory’ to name a few. The cat with the incredible huge hair and the voice to match.


Guitarist, vocalist, & keyboard ‘dabbler’. Writing and co-producing the album, Greg is the man who put the band together without anasthetic. Has written songs for Donna Summer, Cher, Asia & recently alongside ‘Cat writing partner’ 10cc’s Mick Wilson they have written for ‘The Sweet’. This cat lives in the alleyways of the 70s, and refuses to leave.


Drums, Percussion and good looks. Steevi was ‘Cat 2’ to board the spaceship thanks to his love of all things 70s and his tasty drumming. Has played with Ben Poole, Robin Trower and also plays and manages ‘TooREX’, which is the grooviest gig of all.


Guitars, and more guitars. This cool cat comes armed with a CV of the highest quality, and he has topped the charts on both sides of the globe. Touring this world and others with ‘T’Pau’, ‘Bad Company’, ‘Ian Gillan’, ‘Airrace’ & ‘Toby Jepson’ to name a few.


Bass guitars, vocals and frequent flyer. Being the lead singer and bassist in ‘The Sweet’ for over a decade says it all for this cat. Also can be seen playing for legendary chart band ‘The Tremeloes’, and was once seen playing in the tightest trousers possible with UK rockers ‘Statetrooper’ who featured Brian Robertson from ‘Thin Lizzy’.


Keyboards, vocoders, Piano’s, sheet music arranger. The only cat who not only can read and write music, but also can conduct an orchestra. Musical director for leading musicals is one thing, but being made to play alongside Greg for over 30 years is testament to his insanity.


july 22 c